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So a long running project of mine is running and the users appear very please with it! CaseNotes is built with Django, pretty neat for fast development of new features. I had multiple challenges when building the software, it needed to maintain a seperate user system, with only certain users having access to individual patients. The first client for casenotes is a psychologist, so maintaining patient data confidentiality is a must!

The basics of the software is that it can be used to record notes about patients and follow their case as it progress. It can build many different customisable reports, showing different data depending on seniority of staff or type of staff, all of which the user has the ability to customise. The software also has a billing system and staff time management tracker built in, so superusers can get reports on how much to bill out for patient care. The time management tracker shows reports which analyse how much time an employee is registering in the system against what their weekly working hours are. This can be used for a manager to effectively plan for future workloads. It was a requirement for reports to be made in such a manner that they could be presented to a judge as evidence, quality of reports is built to match this need.

Feedback so far from the first customer has been very positive!